Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-men: the First Class

My favorite X-Men was Azazel.

But I couldn't help but love the casting for these characters:

Nicholas Hoult as Beast
Nicholas Hoult as Marcus in About A Boy
 Beast character trailer:

Lucas Till as Havok

Lucas Till as Travis Brody in Hannah Montana: the Movie
Lucas Till in Taylor Swift's music video for "You Belong With Me"

 Havoc character trailer:


Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee

Caleb Landry Jones (far right at back) as Caleb Sweetzer in The Last Exorcism
Caleb Landry Jones as Jimmy Alder in Friday Night Lights

Banshee character trailer:

Everyone should go see this movie. It was fantastic.


  1. I knew I recognized the guy from FNL in the trailer! hhaha

  2. Yeah! I was watching the movie and I placed Lucas Till right away as being in the Hannah Montana movie and in the TSwift music video, but I couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen Caleb Jones before, but I had a specific mental picture of him that I knew was from a movie (it ended up being from the Last Exorcise though, not FNL).

  3. oh and I like Azazel the best because he can teleport himself and anyone he touches anywhere and that's my dream super power. He also has other sweet abilities though too!

  4. oh oh and it had the best trailers! I think I counted seven of them and now I wanted to go see all of them

  5. I'm glad that kid from About A Boy grew up less creepy. Good for him :)